Best Practices For Mobile Marketing And How To Use Them Effectively

It was approximately around 1993 when the first smartphone dropped. Designed by IBM and sold by BellSouth, formerly known as AT&T, it was the dawn of a new era.

As technology thrived, the smartphone wave started to spread like wildfire. And today, it is no longer an accessory. But rather, a necessity. In more ways than one, smartphones have completely transformed the digital marketing scenario.

In fact, mobile marketing strategy is one of the tools that digital marketers swear by these days. And there is no rocket science behind why that is the case. Because mobile phones have literally turned into a basic necessity now.

Data confirms that there are over 6.8 billion smartphone users worldwide. Given the estimated global population is around 8 billion, that’s 80% of the total population. This gives digital marketers a wide market to exploit for digital marketing strategies.

The benefits of mobile marketing are thus, needless to say, invaluable for businesses. Today, the EZ Marketing Tech team will explore this subject along with the best proven mobile marketing practices.

How Does Mobile Marketing Help Your Business?

Statistics show that an average smartphone user checks his phone sixty-three times a day. Imagine the traffic one can drive from that with a little knowledge and the right strategies. Mobile marketing today is one of the most workable marketing tools available.

But what exactly does mobile marketing mean? Simply, mobile marketing is any advertising strategy done via mobile devices. For example, an advertisement popping up while watching YouTube videos. Or some brand promo opening up when you click on a particular website. This is, however, explaining it in the simplest manner. In essence, mobile marketing is much more than that.

So how does mobile marketing help your business? The answer is that there is no one way. But, once you understand the trick to leverage the power of mobile marketing strategy effectively, you can unlock the door to Aladdin’s cave.

First, mobile marketing is a cost-effective strategy. Conventional advertising mediums can burn a hole in your pocket because mediums like print or television have higher purchasing and production costs. In comparison, mobile marketing is a much cheaper option. The reason lies in the precise targeted nature of mobile marketing. Further, it provides a greater variety of channels to expand your promos at a much lesser cost.

The next benefit of mobile marketing strategy for your business lies in the art of personalization. Personalized services are the new game of the marketing world. From the shows you watch on Netflix to products you buy on Amazon, everything these days works on this modus operandi.

Mobile marketing trends attest that 7 out of 10 consumers prefer customized ads tailored to their taste. Mobile marketing excels in that field. It allows the collection of statistics that allows customized push notifications and alerts which further allows better reach and interaction.

Apart from personalization, mobile marketing also targets customers according to their location. An example of this is geofencing, which alerts you when you enter a particular location.

Once you understand how to ace the mobile marketing game, the benefits are bountiful. It all comes down to having the right understanding to harness this power.


Five Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search technology is booming. With our busy lives and a knack for simplifying, it’s a lifesaver and no less. According to a site, 51% of all online users use voice search technology for researching products.

This data alone explains what an incredible strategy this is in relation to mobile marketing. Over the recent years, smart speaker users across the household have seen a drastic surge. Voice speaker-enabled devices are on a roll now. Voice search thus has an incredible potential to drive sales.

Text Message Marketing

Marketing via text message is widely used nowadays. Apart from new customer generation, businesses can use it to connect with existing customers. Personalized text messages help keep customers informed and are a cheap means of mass advertising.

GIFs And Videos

If simplification gave us voice search, it also gave us gifs. Almost everyone these days uses gifs as a source of texting. Because, of course, who has the time to type paragraph-long messages? GIFs and videos are the new text. And a very effective mobile marketing strategy too. Integrating engaging videos in social media posts increases the scope of engagement drastically.

Paid Advertisements

Mobile gaming is in such a frenzy nowadays that people make actual careers out of it. As such, game advertisements have been a widely used mobile marketing strategy in recent times.

A popular approach is integrating ads into the gameplay experience so gamers feel like a natural part of the game. Apart from that, offering rewards for watching ads is another effective means.

By providing value and enhancing the user’s experience, in-game ads have the potential to be a valuable marketing tool that resonates positively with gamers.

Mobile Marketing Trends In 2023

5G Technology

There is no predicting how far technology can progress. After the dominance of 4G, it didn’t take long for 5G to roll in. One of the trends to look out for in 2023 is 5G services. With a promise for a much faster network, it’s ready to help marketers reach their customers much faster than before.

Augmented Reality

AI and VR are dominating every sector of the economy. Layering digital content with the real world, AR provides a more immersive experience.

Unlike virtual reality, which replaces the entire world, AR balances the two. Allowing marketers to reach their potential customers, it’s ideal for interactive marketing campaigns.

Mobile Wallets

Although this has been around for some time, it’s all set to see a boost as well. With a surge in online payments, mobile wallets are no surprise. They are convenient and hassle-free. They also offer attractive features such as discounts, cashback, and coupon facilities. As a result, marketers are slowly moving towards incorporating mobile wallets as a marketing tool.

By offering discounts and special offers through mobile wallets, businesses can encourage customers to use their mobile wallets more often.

How To Reach Mobile Users Effectively Using Mobile Marketing?


A flexible design is crucial for marketing campaigns’ success in today’s digital landscape. With most internet users accessing content through mobile devices, having a website and promotional materials optimized for mobile viewing is essential.

Understanding User Preferences

The customer is king. This is something every marketer agrees with. Thus, it is important that your services fit your customer’s preferences.

With changing attention spans and browsing habits thanks to the rise of mobile devices and on-the-go browsing, marketers must adapt their approach accordingly.

Improve Your UX

Your website plays a vital role in marketing. Hence, it is essential to have a well-developed and optimized website. As people are using smartphones and tablets to browse the web these days, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you could be losing out on potential customers. Therefore, adding a CTA (call to action button) and links are integral to website building.


Be mindful. At EZ Marketing Tech, we always advocate that the language used in CTAs should be easy to understand. But also action-oriented and persuasive. It should convince them to buy, fill out a form, or sign up for the newsletter.

Highlight Your Uniqueness

Uniqueness goes a long way when it comes to retaining and engaging customers. Rather than creating generic content for your entire audience, tailor it to specific users based on their preferences, demographics, and interests. Additionally, you can add your touch by bringing in your idea of the content and mixing it up with your users’ preferences. This, in turn, creates a unique strategy for your brand.

How EZ Marketing Tech’s Marketing Solutions Will Help You And Your Organization?

We have already established the importance of a website. A well-designed website on any device can help establish an online presence and attract potential customers.

Details are essential. Whether it be color schemes, typography, navigation, user experience, or content presentation, every little element matters.

It is crucial to remember that a website is just one singular part of a larger marketing strategy. In addition to having a well-designed website, businesses may also consider other marketing tactics, such as SEO [search engine optimization], social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

At EZ Marketing Tech, we provide the best marketing solutions and effective website development to guarantee you catch the user’s eye. With our trusted experts, we aim to develop the best digital marketing solutions and provide you with numerous other services. If you’re looking to elevate your mobile marketing strategies, EZ Marketing Tech is your perfect choice.