Internal Article Links To Your E-Commerce Products Is Not Over Optimization

The concern over linking has not died down in the recent months. A recent question submitted to Google’s John Mueller over a Google+ Hangout asked about linking.

The question was, it is considered “over optimization” when you have articles on your e-commerce site and you link from those articles to products in your store?

The question was asked at the 17:12 mark and read: Some time ago our SEO agency asked us to remove our internal links from the articles on our eCommerce site, as Google considers this as over optimization. From what I have read, this might not be the case. Can you please clarify what Google has to say on this?

Google’s John Mueller said, “In general, I don’t see any problems with internal links from articles on an e-commerce site.” So if you have expertise in a topic to which your products are related, then it might be useful to write a few articles about it stating its pros and cons or the variations in the product. This helps the users to get an insight into the functioning of the commodity. This is the reason why you should link your product page to the rest of the site. So that is not something I’d see as being overly problematic. If this is done in a reasonable way, then you need not link every keyword to different pages on the site, but rather state the importance of the products at different locations, what you offer and what is offered by your competitors and direct links to the manufacturers. Then that is useful information to have that is not something I’d remove.

Check out the video here:

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